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9 November, 2023
6pm - 8pm


Janet Nash House, St Johns Road, Durham, DH7 8RJ

 Peter Carr
Peter Carr
Job Title
Cloud Platform Engineering Team Lead
City Electrical Factors
Lee Gilmore
Lee Gilmore
Job Title
Global Head of Technology & Architecture
City Electrical Factors

Join Reed and our guest speakers from the UK's largest electrical wholesaler, City Electrical Factors (CEF), as we explore how to harness the potential of new technology and how it can maximise cloud computing outputs.

During this free face-to-face meetup at Janet Nash House in Durham, our speakers will be using their industry expertise to guide, inform and influence mindsets when it comes to the latest technology trends. The session will be split into two separate talks from our speakers.

In session one, Peter Carr, Cloud Platform Engineering Team Lead at CEF, will lead attendees on a journey through the technological timeline and uncover why, to fully harness the potential of new technology, we must reinvent our thought patterns.

Discover how adopting a fresh mindset is the key to unlocking the full potential of cost-effective networking architecture that scales for the future.

Session two will see Lee Gilmore, CEF’s Global Head of Technology & Architecture and prominent AWS serverless advocate, delve into the practical fusion of theory, architecture and code in serverless computing.

His talk will help uncover how to harness domain-driven design, clean code, and event-driven architectures to maximise the potential of successful serverless solutions.

As a Tech on the Tyne event, this meetup has been designed to familiarise you with the latest tech, providing a ‘hands on’ experience.

Our speakers

Peter Carr, Cloud Platform Engineering Team Lead, City Electrical Factors

Peter is a Cloud Platform Engineering Team Lead at CEF, helping to design and build toolchains and workflows that enable self-service capabilities for software engineering purposes.

He is constantly looking for improvements to both working practices and processes within the tech space, as well as enhancing his own level of knowledge across the broad spectrum of cloud computing.

Lee Gilmore, Global Head of Technology & Architecture, City Electrical Factors

Lee is a global serverless expert in the AWS space, lead architect, writer, engineer, and thought leader. He has a passion for building enterprise-grade, scalable, serverless architectures in the cloud, and building high-performing teams based on trust, vision, and empathy.

He has held long-term senior technology positions in two separate FTSE 100 companies, as well as running his own start-up, writing articles for ‘The Startup’, and mentoring in his own time.

More about Tech on the Tyne

Tech on the Tyne is a free software development event run by Reed Technology for those who are looking to get ‘hands on’ with the latest technologies.

By using a kata format – a structured learning routine – you’ll discover exciting technologies to get your teeth into. All you need to do is bring your laptop.

The introduction to the new tech is provided by the best developers in the area. Remaining language agnostic, so you can interact with the tech however you develop, we offer a fair and open opportunity for those of all skill sets to experience something new, brush up your knowledge, or even discover a new approach from fellow learners.

This isn't designed to be a super serious, heads down event. The flow is loose, and collaboration is encouraged. As long as you feel you've gained new knowledge, we're happy.

This is an interactive event, so please remember to bring your laptop. Refreshments are provided.

Register for the event here.