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How Reed can help you

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Reed’s contingent workforce solutions, delivered through Reed Talent Solutions, provide you with fast and effective access to talent. We offer flexible, scalable services which meet your contingent labour needs, including managed service programmes (MSPs), the Flexible Resource Marketplace (FRM), and workforce management and payroll solutions.

Our MSP solutions provide management of all sourcing, engagement, employment screening and onboarding across your entire supply chain. We help you to exert control over your contingent workforce supply and offer you fast access to the right talent to increase your fill rates and reduce time to hire.

Reed’s Flexible Resource Marketplace is an extension of our managed services; a single solution for managing all your non-permanent workforce needs, including agency workers and contractors, interims, directly-sourced talent, freelancers and consultancy. By using a triage service, and building talent pools and communities, we support you to deploy the type of flexible solution which fits your needs.

We also offer workforce management and payroll services to help you improve candidate experiences and ensure you have consistent and compliant processes. Whether you need onboarding, ongoing management or offboarding support, Reed offers a low-cost service which is proven to increase your retention rates.

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