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Flexible resource marketplace


Local authority


  • Streamlining the supply panel from 70 to 57

  • Delivered 30% cost savings across consultancy spend

  • Processing 100 shifts per day at peak times

The challenge

The collaboration incorporating 16 local authorities, blue light services and transport organisations required a new solution. They needed to source senior level candidates across multiple disciplines, fill high volumes of short notice shifts, reduce off contract spend and manage a large supply chain whilst working in partnership with a variety of stakeholders to attract candidates into a talent pool to support local candidates and SMEs.

The solution

Reed Talent Solutions are extremely proud of the partnership we have built over the last four years with each authority and organisation – regular meetings allow us to fully understand the workforce strategy of each hiring manager and we tailor our approach depending on each manager’s needs. We participate in regular steering group meetings across the collaboration to share market knowledge, legislative changes, and experience of similar contracts.

Our expert team have developed a model whereby we can deliver a variety of routes to outcome under one solution, the Flexible Resource Marketplace), allowing hiring managers to discuss their requirements with our triage team.

In partnership, we select the best and fastest route to market, depending on market knowledge, budget, and candidate availability. Potential routes might be deploying short-notice shifts via our shift management technology, utilising our in-house talent acquisition team, working with our experienced supply chain, implementing a project though our consultancy services division or commencing a fixed term contract or permanent campaign.

In this way we can ensure that hiring managers do not need to go off contract, they have full visibility of the sourcing process and the route chosen will be the most cost effective. Whichever route is selected, we utilise our digital platform to streamline engagement with hiring managers, candidates and service providers and allow hiring managers to view full management information, cost implications and vetting requirements at the touch of a button.

As part of our service, we have:

  • Processed thousands of shifts each month, using the latest digital technology and by managing a talent pool of ready to deploy workers

  • Reviewed social worker rates and created a niche tier of social care providers incentivised to fill the collaboration’s roles

  • Worked with senior stakeholders to design a strong employer value proposition to attract the best candidates in the marketplace

  • Rationalised the supply chain, from 70 suppliers to 57 active and motivated suppliers

  • Implemented statement of work projects to drive value for money and robust outcomes via a contingent solution.

  • Designed social value programmes to benefit the whole community and ensure that local businesses and organisations are benefiting from the contract.

  • Worked in partnership to deliver Covid-19 response projects, including track and trace, and provided resource for homeless hotels during the first wave of the pandemic.

The results

Taking a consultative approach, our solution was built upon providing guidance and choice, transparency, and a robust social value strategy. As a result, we have successfully:

  • Maximised opportunities for local suppliers by streamlining the supply panel from 70 to 57

  • Delivered 30% cost savings across consultancy spend by supplying high quality project teams paid on deliverables

  • Provided access to the latest recruitment technology, allowing our client to manage their shift deployment through a web-based shift management system – processing 100 shifts per day at peak times

  • Addressed the challenge of a nationwide social worker shortage by working closely with the authorities on attraction and retention strategies, providing pay rate benchmarking and other market knowledge

  • Supported an agile Covid-19 response, our talent acquisition teams and supply chain were ready to support from March 2020 onwards, we were able to fast track vetting and screening in order to deploy hundreds of workers to track and trace centres Covid-19 testing centres, homelessness projects, and we have sourced and deployed hundreds of Covid-19 marshals to support the fight against the pandemic.

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