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Download the free careers guide and promotional pack now

High-quality careers guidance is critical to young people’s futures and according to research conducted across eight countries, children and young people who think about and experience future careers while still at school, are less likely to be unemployed in their lifetime.

Comprehensive careers advice prepares young adults for their future careers by providing them with a clear understanding of the world of work, highlighting available routes into employment, and giving insight into the careers they might find engaging and rewarding.
We understand that finding quality career resources can be a challenge for many educators, so we’ve used our 60+ years of experience in the employment sector to create a unique careers advice guide for students, empowering them to make the right choices.

The guide, which forms part of our sister company Reed Learning’s Gateway to work programme, is suitable for all secondary school year groups, with easy-to-understand descriptions and a comprehensive glossary.

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What does the guide include?

  • Routes to employment

In-depth information on the various routes to employment (apprenticeships, traineeships, higher education, volunteering, and going straight into the workplace) and a tick-box exercise to help students establish which option is best suited to their career goals.

  • Insight into a wide range of industries

Information on different sectors including STEM careers, jobs in green energy, and 14 other industries, such as marketing, construction, health and care, and human resources.

  • Salaries and career progression

Within each sector, we have picked out one or two entry-level or senior-level jobs that are suitable for school leavers, pinpointing what GCSEs, A-Levels, university degrees or equivalent qualifications they need to enter that profession, how much they can expect to earn when they start out, and how much they can earn as they continue on their career path.

We have also highlighted a range of jobs in each field and provided up-to-date salary information, based on our 2024 salary guide data.

  • Discounted courses

For each industry, we have provided a link to a discounted course that students can take to learn more about the industry and gain essential skills and knowledge that they will need to work in that sector. All courses are available through Reed Courses and supplied by external providers.

Promotional pack

By downloading this guide, you will also receive a free promotional pack for your school, enabling you to promote the careers guide to your students and their parents and carers. The pack includes:

Careers guide promotional pack
  • A poster that can be displayed around your school

  • An advert to be added to your school's website and within your parent newsletter

  • An image to use on social media to inform parents about the guide and encourage them to speak to their child about careers

  • A lesson plan to help you get the most out of the guide

Reed Learning's Gateway to work programme

This guide forms part of ‘Gateway to work’, a digital careers programme delivered by Reed Learning, designed to help students in years 9 to 13 successfully enter the world of work.

The free programme includes virtual work experience placements with top-name companies, CV-writing advice, mock interviews, and support with building students’ confidence and clarity about their future.

Find out more about Gateway to work.

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