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We know industrial recruitment

With an increase in online sales and distribution methods, a renewed focus on warehousing and logistics in the modern economy now exists. The need to access labour in volume and at short notice has never been greater.

We are well-positioned to meet the challenges in the sector head-on by engaging with the best people and technologies available.

Our team of recruiters and workforce planning specialists know that a robust and attractive employee value proposition (EVP) is essential when attracting the best talent.

Flexibility, accessibility, pay and reward, fairness and wellbeing are key as we navigate talent in the UK’s industrial landscape, and have been key in providing a more progressive and flexible approach to workforce planning.

Industrial warehouse recruitment

Reed's experience and customer reach in the industrial warehouse sector is nationwide, and we engage with more than 15,000 workers annually. Our specialist recruiters manage flexible workforces across all major UK conurbations, alongside having the ability to mobilise high-volume requirements at short notice.

We offer the latest in booking management and time-capture technology, providing intelligent and nuanced reporting, both to order and self service. With over 20 years of experience as a recruitment specialist in the industrial, aviation, and warehouse sectors, we can provide tailor-made solutions to suit your recruitment needs.

Transport & logistics recruitment

Logistics recruitment has proven to be essential in the modern world. With plenty of investment being proposed for transport infrastructure, specialists in transport and logistics will continue to be in high demand. So, if you’re a client looking to evolve, we are here to help.

Reed recognises the value of mobility and has created a transport solution that enables us to ensure you recruit the workforce you need. Our experts source professionals across the full spectrum of transport and logistics, from operations to warehousing. As methods and strategies in transport and logistics change and evolve, we continue to adapt our service, offering the very best recruitment solutions.

Aviation recruitment & screening

Reed is well-versed in aviation screening requirements and we are experts in this field. We have partnered with some of the UK’s largest operators in the aviation sector and have created a dedicated solution deployed across Heathrow, Stanstead, East Midlands, and Exeter airports.

Our specialists recruit and deliver workers who meet the appropriate Civil Aviation Authority screening requirements, including aviation security (AVSEC).

High-volume resourcing & project solutions

Using proven methods, our experienced recruitment professionals are focused on driving your projects forward to help you hire high-quality candidates effectively and efficiently, no matter the scale.

We have a variety of services and solutions tailored around high-volume hiring and project management that can be made bespoke to your exact requirements.

Work with our recruiters to source the best professionals and save time.

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