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Recruitment process outsourcing


Central Government


  • Deployed over 700 workers

  • Found medical professionals in 13 different specialisms

  • Continue to manage an active talent-pool of 1700+ screened candidates

The challenge

In March 2020, during the early stages of the Covid-19 outbreak, Reed Talent Solutions were engaged as the lead partner to government to manage the assessment, engagement and on-boarding of very large volumes of skilled laboratory professionals.

Due to the urgent nature of the request, we had a very short timescale in order to provide critical test analysis services to process Covid-19 swab samples.

As part of the national effort to bring the global pandemic under control, we were briefed to find data scientists, lab assistants, lab technicians, lab shift managers, sample handlers, senior lab technicians during the first wave of cases.

This later expanded to include 12 other job titles from the summer, including section supervisors, testing supervisors, biomedical scientists, RNA extraction scientists, team leaders, PCR scientists and training managers.

The solution

Reed Talent Solutions implemented a bespoke recruitment solution in March 2020 and, due to the successful delivery of the service, continue to provide to the client on an ongoing basis.

Within the first two weeks, we had:

  • Appointed a dedicated resource team of 11, including a team leader and 10 talent resourcers giving both client and applicants direct access to full support throughout the recruitment journey.

  • Designed and deployed a client specific landing page to direct all applications through one central point, allowing us to promote through social media, direct mail shots and other attraction methods.

  • Built a stand-alone process for the client through our bespoke inhouse CRM to ensure all applicants received an excellent and streamlined candidate experience. This enabled real-time access to data on applicants in each stage of the process. Candidates were also able to view progress via the system therefore reducing queries.

  • Assigned an expert account management team to provide governance and strategic support and ensure that target timescales and volumes were met.

The results

Within the first week of the campaign week, we:

  • Engaged and processed over 1000 applications

  • Deployed over 300 workers

The campaign and recruitment process was so successful that we were able to build a talent pool of over 1700 pre-screened and assessed candidates with DNA and PCR experience across the specialists staffing groups. This enables us to provide continuous supply of these roles to ensure that our client can consistently provide their targeted swab services without a drop in resource.

We have also been awarded additional projects to expand our service to cover a wide base of laboratories to support the government in accelerating additional resource for testing. Our client is still in a period of accelerated growth and this has required an enormous collective effort to scale up fast and supply a large workforce of lab technicians, biomedical scientists, genetic technologists and molecular biologists.

Furthermore, we have the expertise and market-leading technology to quickly deploy this recruitment model to a broad range of role types, skills and markets to quickly attract, sift and select candidates and build talent pools for ongoing demand.

To date we have placed 745 candidates across seven locations and 13 different job titles, and have a talent pool of 1700+ pre-screened and assessed candidates ready to deploy.

If you are looking for your next hire, contact one of our specialist scientific recruitment consultants today.