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29th Aug, 2023

Chris Adcock
Chris Adcock
Job Title
Managing Director, Technology

Reed has been hosting educational events online and in person for many years, proving a popular, informal way for professionals to learn, collaborate – and even find a new job.

Tech on the Tyne informal upskilling events – launched a few years ago by Reed technology recruiters in the north of England – have been a popular choice for tech professionals, entrepreneurs and those hoping to join the industry, to network and develop their knowledge.

In the fast-evolving landscape of technology, staying up to date with the latest trends, networking with like-minded professionals, and honing one’s skills are paramount. Enter technology meetups, a dynamic forum that has gained immense popularity among tech enthusiasts. These gatherings provide a unique platform for professionals to exchange ideas, learn from experts, and foster meaningful connections.
1. Knowledge enrichment and skill enhancement 
Meetups offer an exceptional opportunity for professionals to expand their knowledge base. In our Tech on the Tyne events, industry experts often lead discussions, presentations, and workshops, sharing insights into emerging technologies, coding techniques, design principles, and much more. This not only keeps attendees updated but also helps them enhance their skills, making them more proficient in their roles. 

Through a series of interactive workshops, we ensure our Tyne tech sessions cover the latest trends: AI, data science, software development, DevOps, cyber security and more – with the chance for everyone to gain practical experience, putting what they’ve learned into action. It doesn’t matter your level of experience – the aim is discovery, hands-on learning, collaboration and sharing ideas. 
2. Networking opportunities 
The adage, “It's not what you know, but who you know” holds true in the tech world as well. Meet-ups provide an informal environment for networking, where attendees can connect with peers, potential employers, mentors, and collaborators. These connections can lead to job opportunities, partnerships, and collaborative projects that might not have otherwise materialised. 

Tech on the Tyne events have not gone unnoticed by the wider tech community, and we’re proud to be established in the region as a trusted facilitator for learning and networking. The bigger picture means we’re contributing to the north east’s growing reputation as a tech hub – a place that’s attracting new business, and inspiring startups and entrepreneurs.  

3. Idea exchange and problem-solving 
In the tech world, diversity of thought is crucial for innovation. Meetups draw professionals from different companies, roles, and backgrounds, and set the stage for new ideas and healthy debate. They encourage open discussion, where attendees can brainstorm and share experiences. The cross-pollination of ideas often results in unique perspectives that challenge conventional thinking and lead to breakthroughs. 

4. Inspiration and motivation 
Technology professionals, like anyone else, can sometimes face burnout or lose motivation. So, attending meetups, like Tech on the Tyne, can revive their interest, exposing them to exciting projects, success stories, and passionate individuals.  

Whether you are an experienced professional, a newcomer, or just hoping to pivot your career, attending our events could be a game-changer for your skills and career. 

5. Access to industry trends 
Technology is ever-changing, with trends shifting at an astonishing pace. Meet-ups frequently feature talks on emerging trends, giving attendees a preview of what's on the horizon. Staying informed gives professionals a competitive edge and can guide their career paths in the right direction. 

Software developers are finding Tech on the Tyne meetups particularly beneficial in keeping up to date with the latest techniques and trends, and with scope for ambitious professionals to diversify and make good money across the industry, our events can help put you ahead of the competition. 
6. Talent acquisition opportunities 
For companies seeking new talent, meetups can be a treasure trove of potential candidates. Attending these events allows employers to assess candidates' skills, enthusiasm, and cultural fit in a relaxed environment before initiating formal recruitment processes. 

Event organiser Cheryl Burns, Senior Executive Practice Head for Reed’s technology division, said: “Tech on the Tyne is a labour of love for my team. It has been revolutionary in how we work as it allows our expert recruiters to understand the technology they’re hiring for and keeps their fingers on the pulse of the latest industry trends. This means if you’re recruiting for a tech expert, you can rest assured that the consultant you’re partnering with in Reed's technology division is credible, knowledgeable and best placed to attract the talent you need.” 

If you’re in the region, keep an eye out on for our next Tech on the Tyne event and see where it takes you. 

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