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The number of jobs offering a hybrid working pattern is on the rise – a Reed survey of office workers found that 75% had already been given the option of working on a hybrid basis.

With the hybrid model becoming mainstream, employers need to consider how to adapt their recruitment process to determine which prospective employees can work hybridly more effectively.

To help, we’ve created an interactive video which takes you through the full recruitment process step by step – tailored to hybrid positions. You have the option of taking the complete recruitment journey, or you can select one or more of the seven stages to watch separately.

You’ll learn how to adapt the following stages of the recruitment process for hybrid positions:

  • Assessing your vacancy (including formulating salary and benefits packages)

  • Determining the right skills and traits (plus composing job descriptions and person specifications)

  • Advertising hybrid roles

  • Reviewing job applications

  • Conducting interviews

  • References, the job offer and the contract

  • Onboarding

Watch the video now and discover how to tweak your existing recruitment process to find the best talent for hybrid positions.