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Induction checklist for new staff - why are they important? 

Inductions are vital to ensuring new staff settle into an organisation and make a positive impact. Using a straightforward induction checklist can make onboarding simpler and more effective.

A concise and well-structured induction checklist for new staff can heighten the entire induction process, helping any new member of the team to get up to speed quickly and efficiently.

An induction checklist can remove some of the pressures that managers and HR professionals face when effectively onboarding new team members.

What needs to be in an induction plan checklist

Our downloadable induction checklist includes:

  • First day tasks

  • First week tasks

  • First month tasks

  • Tasks after three months

  • Tasks after six months

While checklists are helpful in ensuring best practice and a thorough employee experience, they shouldn’t turn the induction into a tick-box exercise. 

Our free induction checklist template is designed to simplify the onboarding process and support your new starters through their first six months.

Download the Reed induction checklist

Whether you are looking for guidance to use across your own company, or interested in learning more about what you need to include, this comprehensive checklist is an indispensable tool to help you and your new employees.