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With heaving urban centres among the least desirable places to be during a pandemic, London was hit hard by the outbreak of Covid-19. The capital is behind the rest of the UK on the road to recovery, with its streets still noticeably quieter than before the outbreak of the virus.

The question is, is this a blip, or a more permanent trend? To find out, we surveyed over 350 business leaders in the capital to assess what decisions they are making – and what impact this will have on the city.

This report analyses those decisions and assesses the impact they may have on the future of London as one of the world’s largest centres of employment. By reading this report, you will discover:

  • London businesses’ hiring intentions

  • The extent to which organisations are adopting hybrid and remote working

  • Whether key business activities are done virtually or face to face

  • What the future holds for ‘London weighting’ in salaries

  • Firms’ plans for their London workspace

Download the report now and learn what the future holds for London’s employment landscape.