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Workplace flexibility has long been sought after by employees. With many office workers forced to work from home during the pandemic, companies and employees have seen that widespread remote working is not only possible, but also provides benefits for both employers and employees. This change in mindset means many office workers expect their employers to continue to offer some form of hybrid working (a mix of home working and office working).

In a recent survey of 2,000 office workers conducted by Reed, three quarters said they have been given the option to work on a hybrid basis, with 57% not having this opportunity before the pandemic. Businesses that fail to offer some form of hybrid or dynamic working may find themselves losing their talent to the three quarters of businesses that are offering this – 45% of professionals working in the office full-time said they would consider changing jobs to work on a hybrid basis.

The improved wellbeing which hybrid working can provide not only makes employees happier, but it can also make them more productive. 60% of office staff who are hybrid working said that it has improved their work-life balance, with two-thirds of those who said they were more productive attributing this to their better work-life balance.

Many businesses are still in the process of ironing out their hybrid working policies, but to attract and retain the best professionals, you need to be clear about what you are offering – and implement this swiftly to keep up with competitors who are offering their own hybrid working policy. As we are all still learning about hybrid working, any policy should be adaptable, flexible and cover all bases, while still being informative and clear.

We have provided an editable example of our hybrid working policy to help you. Whether you are looking for inspiration, want to use it across your own company, or choose to adapt it to suit your needs, this template is an excellent example of how you can implement hybrid working.