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16th Apr, 2024

Alex Beese
Alex Beese
Job Title
Practice Director - Educational Psychology

In this edition of our educational psychology webinar series, we were joined by Dr Kirsty Evans and Dr Kathryn Lynch, both educational psychologists, to discuss the topic of how to promote inclusion in special schools.

A number of different models and papers were discussed as Kathryn and Kirsty aimed to highlight theory that can be used practically to positive effect - exploring ways of working creatively, across multiple levels within a school system, to meaningfully prepare pupils for adulthood and promote active community inclusion.

Find out more in the video below:

About our speakers:

Dr Kirsty Evans and Dr Kathryn Lynch are both qualified educational psychologists with multiple years experience.

They are both employed directly with a specialist school and therefore have deep experience of both the issues that special schools face on a day to day basis and models that work well in these settings.

Dr Evans and Dr Lynch are incredibly passionate about ensuring positive outcomes for children in special schools and spoke at this year's DECP conference covering a related topic, promoting wellbeing and belonging in special schools.