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In this webinar, Penny Fogg takes us through her research ‘Special education systems making (m)others 'mad'’ undertaken by herself, Katherine Runswick-Cole, also from the University of Sheffield, and Patty Douglas from Brandon University in Canada.

Penny considers the systems in place that deny children proper support by dismissing mothers’ concerns when advocating for their children in school settings, and the impact this can have on those mothers.

Find out more in the video below:

Guest speaker:

Penny Fogg, Associate Tutor, the University of Sheffield

Penny Fogg has been an educational psychologist since 2003. She now mainly works at the University of Sheffield as an Associate Tutor on its Doctorate in Educational & Child Psychology (DEdCPsy) programme, to which she was first appointed in September 2012 and is currently its Deputy Programme Director.

Prior to her career in educational psychology, Penny was a teacher in a behavioural support team and in a range of special schools. She was trained as a secondary English teacher and taught in a mainstream secondary school for three years after qualifying as a teacher, starting with a year teaching English in Spain. Penny is also a member of the Association of Educational Psychologists.