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Download the teacher resignation template now

Resigning from a teaching role can be difficult, regardless of the length of time spent at a school. It can be something of an emotional rollercoaster, with the excitement of the future dampened by the prospect of sharing your news with the department head or head teacher.  

The manner in which a teacher resigns can have a lasting impact. A positive resignation process not only benefits the departing teacher but also the school community, and the first step of the journey involves writing the resignation letter, which is arguably one of the hardest tasks. 

Resignation etiquette: getting it right 

However thrilled you may be about leaving your teaching role, it’s imperative to maintain professionalism. By providing ample notice and following proper procedures, you demonstrate your commitment and respect for the school you are leaving. This reflects well on your reputation and can contribute to maintaining good references for future career opportunities.  

Teachers in England and Wales are bound by set resignation dates to allow for suitable replacements to be found, so planning ahead is key for a smooth departure at the end of the spring, summer or autumn term. Resigning well helps minimise disruption to students’ education and ensures continuity in the learning environment.  

Resigning with integrity also allows teachers to depart on amicable terms, preserving professional relationships and networks. In the small world of education, where connections often extend beyond individual schools, maintaining relationships with former colleagues and administrators can be invaluable for future career opportunities, whether through networking, references, or collaboration on future projects. 

A resignation letter template can facilitate the exit process by providing a structured framework. Templates ensure that essential information, such as the intended last working day and any necessary follow-up actions, is clearly communicated, while also allowing personalisation to reflect gratitude for time spent at the school and reasons for leaving. 

Using a resignation letter template also helps ensure that all necessary details are included, reducing the risk of misunderstandings or oversights during the exit process. This can help to streamline the administrative aspects. 

Take some of the stress out of resigning. Our template will ensure you leave on a high note, freeing you up to focus on a happy and productive notice period. 

Download our free teacher resignation letter template to help smooth your exit using the button at the top of this page.