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Reed’s 2024 accountancy and finance practice salary guide reveals average salary and benefits across the practice sector.

The key salary trends and insights in our guide enable you to benchmark average salaries for your accountancy and finance practice teams across the UK, or find out what you should, or could, be earning in a UK firm.

Our accountancy and finance practice salary guide is the ultimate UK accountancy salary checker. It is broken down into jobs across seven industry specialisms:

  • Business services outsourcing

  • Audit and assurance

  • Personal tax

  • Corporate and indirect tax

  • Corporate finance

  • Corporate recovery and insolvency

  • Forensics and investigations

By using our guides to inform the average salary you should be paying your finance employees for jobs across all regions of the UK, you can ensure you stand out against your closest competitors.

Who is this salary guide designed for?

Whether you’re looking to find out what the average corporate finance salary is so you can pay a new member of your firm the right wage, or  wanting to know the top financial audit salary you could be earning in a new role, or should be earning with your current employer, our 2024 accountancy and finance practice salary guide will allow you to compare salaries across all regions of the UK – from London salaries, to wages in the North East and East Anglia. 

The demand for fresh talent is evident in the industry's move towards embracing technology. New recruits with digital skills, data analysis proficiency, and an understanding of artificial intelligence are like gold dust. This is because they are the driving force behind the industry's digital revolution. On top of this, regulatory complexities mean that firms look for recruits with the ability to navigate these evolving landscapes. Those who can understand and interpret ever-changing tax laws, financial reporting standards, and compliance requirements are a valuable addition to any team.

Mike Jones

Accountancy and Finance Practice Recruitment Expert, Reed

Are you an employer looking for accounting and finance salary benchmarking advice?

Our accountancy and finance practice salary guide provides a comprehensive overview of salaries across the sector, ensuring you can make informed decisions about the salaries and benefits you should be offering new and existing employees. 

The guide is an invaluable tool for any organisation in the practice sector. It allows you to compare salaries and benefits, ensuring your remuneration packages are up to date and on par with competitors.  

With our research highlighting that over half of professionals (55%) are currently looking, or considering looking, for a new job because of their salary not being enough, or the benefits they currently receive not being sufficient, it’s vital that as an employer you are looking to offer the going rate. So, whether you need to benchmark a corporate finance analyst salary or financial forensics salary, our guide provides the information you need to make an informed decision about what you offer.

Are you trying to find out what you should be earning in accountancy or finance?

If you’re looking for an audit and assurance director salary, personal tax manager salary or AAT/CAT qualified salary benchmark to find out what you should, or could, be earning, use our salary guide to know your worth. Reference this guide to help you decide whether to accept a new job offer or plan for your next step on the career ladder.

Why download the UK’s trusted accountancy and finance UK salary guide?

This guide covers a wide range of jobs at all seniorities across the accountancy and finance practice sector. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, you’ll find valuable insights to help you succeed.

Our accountancy and finance practice recruitment experts provide key insight into the sector, with Reed’s vertical market specialists discussing the job landscape at a deeper level. This means you’ll get a unique perspective on the job market that is not available elsewhere. 

The data in this guide is based on salaries expected today, so you can use the information to steer your decisions and make informed choices on the salaries you offer your employees or accept yourself. You’ll be able to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments in the sector.

How can the Reed salary guides help with my benefits/rewards benchmarking?

We surveyed 5,000 UK workers to help further inform you. You can read the full highlights in the ‘Our survey says’ section of the guide.

Key findings from our research include:

  • One-in-four professionals are feeling unhappy with their current salary​

  • Only half of respondents feel confident they will achieve their comfortable salary at some point

  • Three-in-10 say they don’t receive any workplace benefits at all

  • The three most common benefits received are: flexi time (20%), a company pension higher than the required amount (18%), and an annual salary increment (18%)

  • Workers' top-three desired benefits are: an annual salary increment (45%), a four-day working week (36%), and flexi time (36%).​

To help you make an informed choice when it comes to salary and benefits, download our UK accountancy and finance practice salary guide using the button above.

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