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9 September, 2021
12pm - 12.45pm GMT



Yvette Jeal PCC
Yvette Jeal PCC
Job Title
Neuro-Transformational Coach

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If you have ever felt like a ‘fraud’, that you are ‘just lucky’ to have reached where you are, or feel that you are not as well qualified as others think you are, then you could be experiencing ‘Imposter Syndrome’.

In this webinar, International Executive Coach Yvette Jeal PCC discussed the phenomenon.

Yvette delved into what exactly Imposter Syndrome is, and how it can manifest itself, so you can learn to recognise it in yourself and others. She also provided techniques that you can use to combat it.

Our speaker

Yvette Jeal, International Executive Coach

An Executive Business Coach with over 20 years’ corporate experience, Yvette works with senior executives and provide bespoke coaching to amplify leadership impact, define objectives and enable effective change.

Working with clients in London and internationally, she coaches clients within a wide range of sectors including finance, banking, aviation, legal, healthcare and technology and offers coaching programmes specifically tailored for each individual.