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What we do...

Everyone deserves a chance to find meaningful work, but for some communities, such as carers, ex-military personnel, or those with disabilities, this can be more challenging than it should be. Through programmes like Keep Britain Working, Careers Hub and the Work & Health Programme, we’ve changed hundreds of thousands of lives and communities for the better.

What we do...

The job market is constantly changing, which means workers have to change with it. Whether it’s helping people develop their skills through our on-demand courses, getting people into sustainable work through our recruitment services, or giving people the tools they need to take their careers in a new direction, Reed is committed to helping people thrive.

What we do...

Philanthropy is a huge part of what we do at Reed. In addition to the Reed Foundation owning 18% of the company, and our work with match-funding platform the Big Give, our co-members support their local communities through fundraising, events, and on-the-ground charity work.

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The Big Give, the UK’s biggest match funding platform

Since 2008, Big Give has raised over £233 million for more than 14,000 different charities and we hope to continue the good work to reach a target of £1bn raised by 2030.

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