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If you do not work from home on a regular basis, it can be difficult to know the protocol. Where should you start? What should you be doing? When should you be doing it?

This guide gives practical advice for social workers on:

  • How to manage your cases during the pandemic

  • How to work remotely

  • How to prep for those essential face-to-face visits

  • Conducting virtual visits

  • Using your time effectively to develop your skills.

We also have provided you with a list of useful tools and resources to help you.

To ensure this guide is filled with an abundance of valuable information, we spoke to a number of social workers to get their top tips on working from home.

I find that phone calls are always better than emails. People can share so much more information in a conversation. Key workers, like teachers, might be working from home, so you need to double check you have a phone number you can contact them on directly, as their school may currently be closed.

Holly Peacock

Child Protection Social Worker

By downloading this guide, you will be well prepared to deal with the challenges of working remotely. You will have access to advice from other professionals and tips on how to manage your workload effectively and adapt to this new environment.