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1. Scotland

Scotland has seen the greatest growth in procurement and supply chain salaries across the UK - with pay increasing by 6.6% on average since 2020. Some notable salaries that have increased in this region are assistant buyers, supply chain coordinators, and demand/supply/materials managers.

Mike Harrison, Regional Managing Director at Reed, noted that much of this growth has been driven by fixed-term contracts in the public sector:

The public sector across Scotland is teeming with opportunities at the moment. Most of these are fixed-term contracts, but I would advise professionals to keep an open mind if they have not previously considered them.

2. Wales

At 4.2%, Wales has the second highest growth in salaries. Supply chain coordinators have seen their salaries grow by 8.7% this year, and assistant buyers’ pay has increased by 7.6%.

Adaptability is the key to this increase, as Matt White, Regional Managing Director at REED, explains:

We have seen companies in procurement and supply chain, who primarily did business in industries that have been affected, temporarily change their focus to ensure they survive during this turbulent time.

3. Yorkshire and Humberside

Third on the list is Yorkshire and Humberside, where salaries have risen by 3.8% this year. Assistant buyers can now expect to earn £24,200 on average, which has grown 9% since last year.

This trend could be set to continue as firms are already planning their next moves, according to Mike Harrison:

Many procurement businesses in Yorkshire and Humberside have already started planning for changes and it will be interesting to see the impact these have on the jobs market, as there is greater need for transport, customs and freight assistance.

4. North West

Another region that has seen salary progression is the North West. Procurement and supply chain salaries across the region have gone up by 3.4%. Logistics managers, buyers, and procurement / purchasing managers are a few roles that have risen.

Alexa Naylor, Regional Managing Director at Reed, says:

Many sectors within procurement and supply chain are thriving, especially logistics, so candidates and businesses must be ready for the digital world and the ‘new normal’. Providing remote working opportunities will give businesses the option to look further afield.

5. West Midlands

In fifth place is the West Midlands, where salaries have risen by 2.8% this year. Operations managers and contracts managers have both seen 7% growth in average salaries.

These increases are down to the performance of businesses in certain sectors, says Reed Regional Managing Director Rob Russell:

The procurement and supply chain sector has remained stable in the West Midlands, which is down to the strong performance of transport and logistics firms, as well of the success of the region’s FMCG and pharmaceutical businesses.

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