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Reed's consultants conducted a snap survey of 173 accountancy and finance professionals at the end of 2020.

We asked them what benefits they find most attractive from their employers. Choosing a benefits package based on what your employees want is the best way to retain your top talent and attract new talent.

The following list highlights the top benefits they sought:

  1. A generous pension was the most sought-after benefit, with 59% of those surveyed choosing this. This comes as no surprise from professionals with sound financial knowledge.

  2. A performance bonus was the second-most desirable benefit. This further highlights the importance accountancy and finance professionals place on financial rewards.

  3. Health insurance came next. 57% of those surveyed said they do receive this benefit from their employers, so this appears to be a good example of businesses offering benefits that are important to their staff.

  4. Remote working was considered the fourth-most desirable company benefit. Working from home has always been a desirable benefit for accountancy and finance professionals, and although many have been forced to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic – this looks likely to remain a popular benefit for the future.

  5. More paid time off / holiday allowance was also of high importance for accountancy and finance candidates, with 41% stating this is part of their top five benefits.

  6. Flexi time was next on the list, with 30% of professionals choosing this as part of their top five.

  7. Life insurance was our seventh-most popular benefit, with 28% of accountancy and finance professionals choosing this option.

  8. Annual salary increments and company car / allowance were tied in eighth place, both receiving 23% of the votes.

  9. The option to create a bespoke benefits package was also a top benefit for 12% of professionals in the sector.

For more information on benefits and salaries for accountancy and finance professionals, download our free Reed Accountancy & Finance Salary Guide 2024. The guide contains insight and salary data for the industry across the UK and will help you make informed decisions in the year ahead.