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Whether you need to calculate a weekly household budget or are trying to work out how much more you'll earn from a pay rise or new role, the issue of tax will always crop up.

Your headline salary figure will not be what you take home every month if you are a payrolled employee, with deductions made for Income Tax, National Insurance contributions and more. This can make it difficult to calculate your take-home pay without viewing a payslip.

To help you with this, has created a tax calculator which provides you with an approximate take-home pay figure for any headline salary. The calculator deducts National Insurance and Income Tax automatically, meaning that you'll be given a far more accurate indication of what you're earning.

If you want to see how much you'll earn in a new role, or are worried a pay rise might push you onto the higher rate of Income Tax and will see you take home less money, click the link and use the tax calculator.

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