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How an agency can save you time and money

Using a recruitment agency can be a cost effective and efficient way to hire compared to in-house recruiting, providing you're getting the most from your agency.

Where recruitment is not an ongoing process (e.g. for small organisations), in-house recruitment is likely to be an additional task and potentially a burden to HR or the hiring manager. For large organisations, using a recruitment agency can be the best way to access pools of highly skilled workers, including those not actively seeking new employment.

So, here are the key reasons why you should use a recruitment agency:

Tangible Time Savers

  • A recruitment agent can save you days of 'wasted' time sifting through applications, so that you only have to make time to view those worth considering

  • They will schedule interviews: you only have to prepare and turn up

  • They will deal with all administrative issues such as: all communications with applicants, including notifying unsuccessful ones and providing feedback; and verifying candidate information (e.g. qualifications and references)


  • Your recruiter will collate candidates' queries so that you can deal with them all in one go

  • Their specialist market insight allows them to advise you on and negotiate job offers on your behalf if requested.

  • They will manage the process smoothly – compared to in-house staff who may be inexperienced in best practice procedures

  • Contract and temp hire roles can be filled at short notice (as the recruitment agent will already have access to a vast pool of vetted candidates)

As well as the value of the time saved by using a recruitment agent vs in-house hire, you will also save money.

Short term cost savers

  • Removes cost of posting most job adverts

  • Removes impact on in-house staff who can continue to perform their other duties to their usual standard

  • Reduces overtime costs: temp hire through a recruitment agency is often cheaper than requiring regular staff to work overtime during busy periods

  • Reduces the likelihood and cost of a 'bad hire' (e.g. poor performance, training, re-hire).

Long term cost savers

  • Reduces future hiring costs if you use the same recruitment agent again as the agent will already have knowledge of your organisation so the process will be quicker

  • Reduces training costs: some agencies offer candidates the chance to hone their talents or learn field-specific regulations whilst on the hunt for a new job, thereby eliminating your organisation's need to do the same once they arrive

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