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Among the many practical workplace measures employers can offer to support employees going through menopause, a dedicated menopause policy will provide a foundation for fair treatment and a point of reference for employees in need of advice or guidance. A willingness to listen to those who are facing this sometimes-challenging life stage amplifies a company’s culture, demonstrates a commitment to learn and act, ultimately leading to greater employee happiness and retention, and new talent attraction.

To help you decide on the type of support you might offer your employees, we have created a menopause template outlining what menopause is, who it affects, common symptoms and some practical steps that might be considered to help people manage their symptoms at work – from flexible working to desk fans and access to quiet wellbeing spaces.

In June 2023, Reed conducted a snap survey of 1,000 employed women in the UK aged 45-54 who are experiencing the menopause. When questioned whether they felt their symptoms affect them at work physically, 74% agreed – while a shocking 77% said they felt their symptoms impact them mentally.

And while 44% state they are comfortable talking to their employer about menopause, an almost equal number – 42% – are not, suggesting more needs to be done to support workers.

According to the survey, 46% of people said their employer does not have a menopause policy in place, while 28% didn’t know. Using our template can remove the doubt and uncertainty among staff and instil confidence in receiving support when needed.

Our editable workplace menopause policy template includes:

  • What is menopause?

  • Understanding the terminology

  • Some common menopause symptoms and the support available

  • Key responsibilities and who to contact

  • Additional support

Menopause can no longer be swept under the carpet – our policy template can be used as a guide to update your current policy, or will allow you to create a policy if you don’t already have one.