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The engineering and manufacturing sectors are in a position of growth.

Technology has increased what can be achieved in the industries and requires a workforce ready to equip themselves with new digital skills in order to work smarter.

The industry has been hit hard with ongoing supply chain disruption and staffing problems. The gap between demand and supply of skilled workers has led to increased competition for talent, urging businesses to invest in training and development to upskill their existing and new workers.

Who is this salary guide designed for?

Reed’s 2024 engineering and manufacturing salary guide is compiled from extensive data. Our analysis is based on 17 million jobs posted on since 2016, which enables us to pinpoint key salary trends and insights, helping you to benchmark average salaries for your UK engineering and manufacturing teams, or find out what you should, or could, be earning in these sectors.

Look no further if you want to see how the engineering and manufacturing sectors are likely to fare in 2024 in terms of recruitment opportunities – our UK salary checker can help steer corporate decisions as well as personal ones. It’s vital for leaders to understand the changing value of jobs around the UK, especially with the continued pressures of the high cost of living. Don’t let a below-market-rate salary spoil your chances of winning the most talented jobseekers.

We can expect to see demand for professionals with a diverse range of skills this year. Educational initiatives and vocational training programmes will open doors – especially for jobseekers in the north of England as work gets underway to transform the region. Those motivated in their careers will take advantage of the industry’s culture of continuous learning, prioritising tech skills to enhance their employability.

Kimberly Hunsdon

Engineering and Manufacturing Recruitment Expert, Reed

Whether you’re looking to find out what the average electrical engineer salary is in Wales, Scotland or regions of England, to adjust your salary to the market rate, or you’re keen to discover what you could earn as a quality manager, or should be earning with your current employer, our 2024 engineering and manufacturing salary guide can help. 

Job opportunities will abound for engineers specialising in automation, sustainable practices, and digital technologies. Employers need to focus on attracting talent as well as looking after their existing staff – making sure no one, regardless of age or experience, is left behind in the digital adoption race.

Grant Rigler

Executive Regional Director, Reed 

Employers – use our 2024 engineering and manufacturing salary guide as a benchmarking tool

Use our 2024 engineering and manufacturing salary guide to compare salaries and benefits, helping to keep your remuneration packages in line with competitors. With our research highlighting that two of the top-five reasons for people looking elsewhere pertain to the salary not being enough or being better elsewhere, it’s important to get this right before advertising your next role.

Whether you are looking to benchmark an engineer salary or production manager salary – our guide will give you the information you need to decide what to offer to attract and retain talented people.

Jobseekers – use our 2024 engineering and manufacturing salary guide to empower your career decisions

Knowledge is power – and our 2024 engineering and manufacturing salary guide will prove invaluable when deciding on your next career move. It may even influence your decision to retrain or relocate in order to gain a higher salary. Our insight shows the salaries that are rising and falling in terms of percentage changes, and features insight and advice from Reed recruitment experts on the hiring landscape, with market advice and salary projections for 2025.

What jobs does Reed’s engineering and manufacturing salary guide cover?

Our 2024 engineering and manufacturing salary guide will provide you with direction on salaries and benefits for some of the most prominent roles in the sectors, including:

  • Design manager

  • Electronics engineer

  • Process engineer 

  • Field service engineer

  • Quality inspector

  • Systems engineer

How can the Reed salary guides help with my benefits/rewards benchmarking?

As part of our suite of annual salary guides, we surveyed 5,000 UK workers, in November 2023, to help further inform you. You can read the full highlights in the ‘Our survey says’ section of the guide. Key findings from our research include:

  • One-in-four professionals are feeling unhappy with their current salary

  • Only half of respondents feel confident they will achieve their comfortable salary at some point

  • Three-in-10 say they don’t receive any workplace benefits at all

  • The three most common benefits received are: flexi time (20%), a company pension higher than the required amount (18%), and an annual salary increment (18%)

  • Workers’ top-three desired benefits are: an annual salary increment (45%), a four-day working week (36%), and flexi time (36%).

Employers looking to attract the best talent should consider their USP from a jobseeker’s perspective – is the company forward thinking, with a diverse community, and does it have plenty of opportunities for professionals to develop their skills? What is morale like for existing employees – how could it be improved? To retain good workers, it’s important to provide employees with meaningful opportunities and benefits.

Charlotte Willey

Engineering and Manufacturing Recruitment Expert, Reed 

2024 holds promising prospects for the UK engineering and manufacturing sectors. The convergence of digital technologies, a commitment to sustainability, collaborative innovation, and adaptive strategies in the post-Brexit era are anticipated to drive growth and development throughout the industry.  

To discover what this year has in store for your engineering or manufacturing role, or to benchmark salaries for your business, download the 2024 engineering and manufacturing salary using the button above now.

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