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6 August, 2020
12pm - 12.45pm GMT



Zena Everett
Zena Everett
Job Title
International executive coach, motivational speaker and author

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Our expert speaker, Zena Everett, looked at how to beat Parkinson’s Law and Student Syndrome (intensive bursts of deep work with shorter deadlines), prioritisation and daily focus, pushing back on distractions and interruptions, controlling meetings, email etiquette, and managing the boundaries of work and home.

Our speaker

Zena Everett

Zena is the author of ‘The Crazy Busy Cure’ and ‘Mind Flip: Take the Fear out of Your Career’. She is also an international leadership coach and sought-after speaker on careers and time management.

Originally a recruitment entrepreneur, Zena sold her business in 2007 then studied an MSc in Career Management and Coaching. She then took further post-graduate qualifications in psychological coaching and leadership with neuroscience (MIT Sloan Business School). She has coached on the Executive MBA Programme at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School and is a member of the Associate Faculty at Henley Business School.

Zena is a regular speaker on Crazy Busyness and Leadership for the London Business Forum. For more information about Zena and what she does, go to: