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The increased optimisation and adoption of video-calling software since the coronavirus lockdown means almost any team-building activity can be done online. 

What bonding activities can teams do together?

For an already established team, you must consider the existing dynamic when choosing activities. Here are some other ideas to encourage your teams to socialise:

Informal introductions

For new starters, it is a good idea to allow them time to have informal conversations with people in the company after the formalities are out of the way. This will make it easier for them to settle in and ask for help. If you know someone’s personality, you can get a better indication of their style of working.

Group chats 

If you have not already got one, create a group chat with your team to keep in touch informally outside of work – you could also have a separate one just for work purposes. The ability to share random things with your colleagues and discuss anything in these chats emulates the similar discussion topics that might come up in a ‘water cooler’ chat.

Sharing hobbies

Start a book club or a fantasy football league that everyone can join. You could even organise virtual movie nights as a team. If someone is not interested in one of those activities, try to come up with something that suits everyone. Listening to everyone’s voice is crucial, or it could lead to some feeling excluded.

Charity work

Alternatively, your team could set up a charity project so you can spend time together while doing some good for your community. Setting up charity events can be a great way to show the social value of the company and make your team feel a sense of accomplishment by improving the lives of others. Activities like beautifying your environment, or anything that has a positive influence, while having fun at the same time, is an excellent way to team-build.

Quizzes and games

Coming together as a full team and working as a group to complete a task in an informal setting can be a great way to form or maintain bonds. Schedule in some fun activities like regular quizzes and games to keep team members in touch with those they might not collaborate with as much.

Taskmaster and other game shows can be done together through a video call. Innovative games including simply finding objects in your house that start with the letters H, A and T and fitting as many as you can into a hat. Bring it back to your desk to show your team and find out who has the most in their hat.

Some of these games do not use any equipment or props. Another idea from previous episodes you can adapt for video calling is to try to impress the team in two minutes – this uses your imagination and your colleagues’ opinions.

The best types of team-building activities are those that require collaboration and teamwork without feeling like work. In a virtual escape room, for example, you might have to figure out how to get out of a virtual room, playing against a “hacker”. Many businesses specialising in team building activities have online options.

Why is it important to bond socially at work?

Building a team motivates everyone and creates better collaborative work. Teamwork can build a sense of selflessness in employees – they are working hard for the sake of others in their team, not just themselves, and they will produce their best work.

Forming a team bond can improve your chances of retaining your workforce. Those who get along and work well with their colleagues are more likely to recommend your company to others and enjoy their time working for you.

Those who are still unable to return to their workplace may be feeling lonely or out of touch. It is important for their mental health that you know how your team members are doing – both personally and professionally.

Final thoughts…

Everyone wins if your team gets along. If they can form strong friendships at work, your team will be more motivated, collaborative, confident, successful, and generally happy in their role – and they will love Mondays!

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