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14 September, 2021
6pm - 7pm GMT



Richard Merrygold
Richard Merrygold
Job Title
Managing Consultant, iStorm

Watch the webinar

Hosted by Reed’s technology specialist Steve Arnold, this webinar covers the latest guidance and advice around data protection and penetration testing, in particular covering the following topics:

  • The importance of embedding a data protection-aware culture within your organisation

  • The differences between internal and external penetration testing and the pros and cons of each

  • Why an increasing number of organisations are using social engineering simulations

  • The benefits of having a dedicated data protection officer in your organisation

Our speaker

Richard Merrygold, Managing Consultant, iStorm

Richard is the Managing Consultant and Data Protection Officer at iStorm, an award-winning consultancy and services provider. Richard has a foundation of knowledge across a range of topics within data protection, information security, and penetration testing.