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23 May, 2024
1pm – 2pm



Victoria McLean
Victoria McLean
Job Title
Founder and CEO
Hanover | City CV

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In a corporate landscape where culture leans toward constant affirmation and connectivity, mastering the art of setting boundaries and confidently saying “no” is not just a professional skill, but a strategic advantage for your business.

  • Do you ever say ‘yes’ to tasks you don’t have the bandwidth for?

  • Are you missing out on personal time due to perpetual work demands?

  • Perhaps, you’ve sacrificing your own priorities for the sake of others’ expectations?

In this webinar, Victoria McLean, Founder & CEO of Hanover | City CV, will join us to delve into the challenges of setting boundaries and explore the positive impact they have in the workplace, delivering actionable tips to confidently overcome them without stress or anxiety.

This interactive workshop, is tailored for business leaders and professionals and will cover:

  • Why workplace boundaries are crucial

  • Identifying and acknowledging your own healthy boundaries

  • Why saying “no” is strategically saying yes

  • Implementing practical methods for setting boundaries

  • Overcoming guilt associated with declining requests

  • Creating a culture of boundary respect within your team

You can expect to leave the session with an action plan to reclaim time and energy, as well as practical strategies for confidently saying “no”, reducing stress and creating a more balanced work environment for you and your colleagues.

There will also be the chance to have your questions answered by Victoria in a Q&A at the end of the discussion.

Our speaker

Victoria McLean, Founder and CEO, Hanover | City CV

Victoria spent her earlier career in global recruitment before joining Goldman Sachs and then Merrill Lynch, where she delivered insights that transformed recruitment strategy and influenced multinational resource allocation. In 2009 she founded City CV to bridge a market gap for top-quality CV and profile writing. Since then, Victoria has grown City CV into an international, client-focused business that empowers jobseekers and helps companies to protect their most important resource – their people.

Passionate about DE&I, Victoria is a regular speaker at women’s networks. Her original insights address the imposter syndrome, the impact of menopause on business success, setting boundaries at work, and staying visible in a hybrid world.

Under Victoria’s leadership, City CV’s team of writers and executive coaches transform careers and guide businesses on how best to inspire, raise brand awareness, take care of the people they let go and optimise employee engagement.