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27 September, 2023
12.30pm - 1.10pm BST



Judi James
Judi James
Job Title
Body Language Expert and Author

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Have you ever wondered what your body language as a hiring manager tells interviewees about your organisation?

Job interviews aren’t just about what you say, they’re also about how you conduct yourself in a nonverbal way. This isn't just the case for the person looking to secure the job, but also you, as the person in charge of conducting the interview.

Join leading communication and body language expert, Judi James, as she explored the importance of body language and behaviour when conducting job interviews – both remote and face to face, offering hiring managers essential tips and advice.

Non-verbal cues are part of a hiring manager’s overall impression of a candidate, but just as important is the ‘statement’ they make with their own body language. In an interview setting, it’s crucial for hiring managers to be aware of their body language, in addition to what they say or do, to ensure the first visual impression of the business is positive and welcoming.

In this fireside chat with Reed, Judi, who is regularly invited by the media to comment on general elections and royal occasions, discussed how hiring managers can positively shape their own body language and actions during job interviews, to get the best from their interviewees.

Our speaker

Judi James, Body Language Expert and Author

Judi James is a leading communication and body language expert whose expertise is sought-after in broadcast, corporate and public relations circles. She regularly appears on a number of high-profile TV and radio programmes across many channels.

Judi has appeared on BBC News, Sky News, CNN, Big Brother, Big Brother's Bit on The Psych and Bit on the Side, The Extra Factor, BBC2's Newsnight and she also covered the 2010 general election for 5 News, with a regular nightly spot.

She has written 26 fiction and non-fiction books covering a range of subjects such as how to make an impact in business, charisma, boosting confidence and lowering stress levels in the workplace. Her work also includes flirting techniques, job interviews and even tips on how to win a poker game. Popular titles include The Body Language Bible and You're Hired.

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