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The interview is an established aspect of the hiring cycle, but there is no definitive way for organisations to manage the process.

What is certain though is that how you conduct an interview reflects on both yourself and your organisation. A chaotic process will convince the best candidates to look elsewhere, while a well-thought through, efficient experience will help in persuading them to work for you.

Generate interview questions in minutes with our interview question generator.

This guide, how to conduct authoritative and informative job interviews will help you to plan a structured process where you hold the right types of interviews, ask the right questions, and ultimately select the right candidates.

It is unwise to make a final decision during the interview itself and extending a job offer to your preferred candidate. Take time to review your interviewees’ performance and consult with your colleagues before making your final decision.

What’s in the guide?

The guide takes you through the interview process from start to finish. Looking at:

  • How to prepare for job interviews

  • How to interview prospective employees

  • Different types of interview techniques

  • The most effective questions

  • Following up

Selecting the right questions is the toughest part of interviewing. As discussed, the limited amount of time you have with your interviewee means that you need to focus on 10 –15 questions which will get to the heart of what you want to know.

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