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Specialist & complex care


Community care


  • Produced a structured care plan which had input and approval from all parties across a multi-disciplinary team

  • Provided complex care which allowed service user to maintain independence and live in their own home

  • Having provided the service for over six years, the care team have built a trusted relationships with the individual requiring care and are able to support their health and mental wellbeing

The challenge

The individual required care which supported them in managing mental health conditions and long-term health needs, including diabetes. Any care team would need to be experienced in supporting individuals with:

  • Acute episodes of significant changes

  • Providing personal care (including administration of medication)

  • Offering practical support for arranging and attending appointments

  • Helping individuals maintain a healthy diet in line with medical requirements

  • Experience in supporting mobility and preventing falls

In this case, the service user highly valued their independence, so while care requirements included a wrap-around provision, including a sleep-in service, any care plan had to fulfil the service user’s desires to live as independent and normal a life as possible.

Reed’s work with the local clinical commissioning group (CCG) brought this individual to our attention, with any care provision needing to incorporate a multi-agency disciplinary team.

The overall service has been excellent. I feel supported and appreciated in my role. Reed is a great company to work for as I get the flexibility of shift patterns which fits around my other commitments.



The solution

Our team knew that any care programme would require communication with the individual’s family, multidisciplinary team (MDT) specialist clinicians, occupational therapist, GP and consultant. They immediately set to work in producing a care plan which had input and approval from all parties.

Once the care plan was written and approved, Reed’s community care specialists set about sourcing the professionals who could implement it. Our experts knew that carers would need to be able to commit to regular shifts and would need previous experience working with individuals who had learning disabilities and personality disorders. To build a trusted relationship with the individual and their family, our specialists invited the family to participate in the selection process.

Reed eventually selected a team of 10 carers, who were rapidly inducted and received both specialist and on-the-job training to ensure they were fully aware of the service user’s needs. To ensure full day and night coverage, shifts are arranged at least four weeks in advance.

Our community care specialists are in constant communication with the individual’s MDT to respond to any changing needs, along with risk assessments. The service user's family are also kept up to date, with carers ensuring the family and individual stay in regular contact.

The results

Reed has successfully provided care and support to this individual for over six years, with carers building a positive relationship with both the care recipient, their family and health and care professionals.

The Care Manager from the NHS mental health and learning disability team said of Reed’s service: “The registered manager and her team have ensured the provision of a consistent package of care, under the most difficult circumstances. She has maintained unstinting daily communications to the MDT, detailing vital information with regards the service user.”

Through our care services, the individual receives:

  • An independent lifestyle which includes access the community, shopping, attending appointments and taking part in new activities

  • Support in staying safe and well at home

  • A high standard of personal care, with hygiene maintained to an excellent standard

  • Monitoring of their medical conditions to reduce the risk of hospitalisation

  • The opportunity to fulfil their potential and not feel isolated through participating in hobbies and tasks they enjoy

  • Constant communication with social and healthcare professionals - who are kept informed of any changes to the individual’s needs

By providing a regular team that understand the service user’s needs and provide the best possible support, Reed has ensured that the individual can maintain an independent lifestyle which allows them to live in their own home.

We also support the carers who deliver this service, ensuring they receive the best possible assistance to provide exemplary care. Reed’s community care specialists work with our carers to put them in a position to improve lives through the work that they do.

Rufdia, one of the carers for this individual, said: “The overall service has been excellent. I feel supported and appreciated in my role. Reed is a great company to work for as I get the flexibility of shift patterns which fits around my other commitments.”#

Another carer, Rebecca, added: “Reed was incredibly supportive to me, from the mandatory training to needing to cancel a shift last minute due to being unwell. I always feel like the office team always wanted what was best for me and the other staff, and the clients as well. I would happily recommend Reed as one of the best companies I have worked with, when it comes to home and community support.”

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