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Specialist & complex care


Community care


  • Created a structured care plan that supports all elements the service user needed

  • Sourced a team of carers with the relevant skills to allow them to remain at home and independent

  • Reed has successfully provided care and support to the individual for over 15 years

The challenge

Reed worked with a local authority to provide care and support to an individual with a learning disability and personality disorder. The main goal was to enable the care service user to remain in their home, while still being independent.

The team of carers would need to support the service user with the following:

  • Day provision and sleeping-in

  • Assistance in all activities of daily living, including practical support with arranging appointments, maintaining their property, and housekeeping

  • Personal care, including administrating medication

  • Helping them manage their mental health and wellbeing, with the help of a multi-agency disciplinary team

The nature of the individuals needs required us to source skilled carers who were able to support multiple needs, had experience with acute episodes and were familiar with the missing person protocol and safeguarding.

Likewise, we ensured the client was involved in creating and developing a plan that supports their aspirations and life choices, while making sure all key stakeholders, such as their family, GP, occupational therapist, and consultants were involved at every stage.

The solution

As a first step, our team took the time to co-produce a care plan that supported all the elements the service user needed. This involved gathering information from the individual’s multi-disciplinary team which would ultimately empower the client, allowing them to lead a meaningful and quality lifestyle, as well as remaining at home.

Once the care plan was written and agreed upon, Reed’s community care specialists began identifying a team of professionals who could implement it. This required carers who had previous experience working with clients who had learning disabilities and personality disorders, as well as those who could commit to regular shifts to build trusted relationships with the individual. Our community care specialists then invited the family to participate in the selection process, so they had full oversight.

Following the thorough selection process, our specialists inducted the handpicked carers, who received robust training to ensure they were fully aware of the individual’s needs before beginning the job. The rota was also managed at least four weeks in advance to support planned and unplanned absences for day and night shifts.

The community care specialists remained in constant communication with the MDT to ensure they were aware of any changing needs and issues, including risk assessments and management processes. The service user’s family are, similarly, frequently updated and the carers ensure the family and individual stay in regular contact.

The results

Reed has successfully provided care and support for this individual for over 15 years. Through our care services, they can:

  • Accessing the community and taking part in new activities

  • Empowered to make their own decisions and understand his choices more clearly

  • Maintain positive relationships and make new friends

  • Remain safe and at home

  • Supported in maintaining a high standard of personal care and hygiene

  • At a reduced risk of hospitalisation due to medical conditions being monitored

With excellent communication between the individual’s MDT and carers, care is consistently tailored to account for any recent changes in his needs.
By sourcing a reliable team that fully understands the client’s needs, Reed has ensured that they can now live independently, improving their overall quality of life.

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