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Specialist & complex care / care for children & young people


Community care


  • Reed’s care team supports recipient with needs ranging from administering medicine through to support with limited mobility

  • Through our help, the individual is supported in attending school and partaking in other community activities

  • The team have built a relationship with the individual and his family, providing the latter with peace of mind

The challenge

Reed’s community care specialists were contacted jointly by a local authority and a clinical commissioning group (CCG). The organisations required our support in developing and delivering care provision for a young patient with multiple health and social care needs, including:

  • Health issues such as end-stage renal failure, fragile bones, insulin resistance and seizures

  • Personal care - including administration of medication through a central line

  • Dietary and diabetic management, including weight management through ketone and feed plans

  • Restricted mobility - requiring specialist equipment

  • Non-verbal communication – staff needed to be familiar with key indicators, such as understanding when he is in pain

Our community care specialists needed to create a plan which gave the service user’s family support and respite, while allowing the patient to lead a positive daily life. It also needed to support school attendance in a way which allowed him to thrive in education, as well as supporting access to other community settings.

Any plan would require support from the service user and his family, as well as agreement from a multidisciplinary team (MDT) of specialist clinicians, along with his occupational therapist, consultant and GP.

The staff really are 10/10, my son adores the team - as does the family. Everyone is really helpful and responds quickly. I would recommend Reed’s services

Parent of service user

The solution

To cater for these multiple needs, any plan would require extensively trained staff who were able to support multiple care needs. Our community care experts worked with both the health professionals and the family to produce a care plan which was tailored to the individual’s needs and provided the right staff support.

Our team of specialists identified care professionals who had previous experience of working with people who had complex care needs. The carers also needed to be willing to commit to regular shifts - including both day shifts and sleep-in support - to help build a rapport with the service user and his family.

The team were inducted with a detailed training programme which highlighted all of the individual’s needs. Using this knowledge, the team communicates any updates and changes in the service user’s needs to both his family and his MDT – allowing for the optimisation of the care plan and regular reviews of risks and processes.

The results

Reed’s service has helped the individual to enjoy his day-to-day life and fulfil his potential, while also providing valuable respite for his family. He is able to go to school and access community settings, while his medical conditions are continually monitored.

“Knowing I can leave my son with two people I didn’t know was a huge step,” says one of the child’s parents. “The staff know him very well and understand him and his needs, and for the first time my family and I weren’t stressed that people outside the family were able to look after him.”

By building a team of care professionals who see the service user regularly, both he and his family have confidence in our care team, as one of our carers, Kayleigh, explains:

“I have been supporting the service user for a number of years, so I have developed a good working relationship with them and the family. They know when I am on-shift and asks if we can do specific things, which has built confidence. The family appreciate the consistency.”

She adds that Reed’s support is part of the reason she can provide excellent care: “I’ve been with Reed for 10 years, I think that speaks volumes. I feel valued by the family and Reed; I have worked at places where I haven’t had the best experience, so it’s nice to feel like an important member of the team.”

Our work with the individual and his family has led to them recommending our community care services to others, with the parent concluding:

“The staff really are 10/10, my son adores the team - as does the family. Everyone is really helpful and responds quickly. I would recommend Reed’s services.”

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