Staff banks




  • Fast-track onboarding of over 1,200 doctors

  • 104 external doctors recruited and onboarded

  • 1,200 doctors activated on new digital platform

The challenge

Our task was to implement a new doctors staff bank across five hospitals, ensuring that HealthRoster software was optimised and management were informed on spend.

We have worked with our client, a well-known London-based NHS trust, for more than a decade, providing a fully outsourced staff bank solution covering clinical and non-clinical roles.

In November 2019, Reed Talent Solutions was asked to deliver a doctors bank and incorporate this new service into its existing bank management. We used an external booking management platform to support the provision of tracking, recording and extracting payroll for doctors.

We were tasked with delivering the bank at a fast pace, which meant ensuring that all the relevant staff across the five hospital sites were trained to use the app so that shifts could be advertised and booked swiftly.

The solution

To enhance the existing staff bank team, we recruited a new account director who had experience of implementing a wealth of doctor staff bank solutions across NHS trusts nationally.

The director, in turn, recruited a specialised, experienced doctors account manager to assist on the project. This helped Reed Talent Solutions to work with speed and enhanced our knowledge and experience to deliver the service.

Our staff bank team engaged all doctors that had worked at the trust in the last year, encouraging them to register via the new digital platform, to ensure that they could be onboarded quickly.

Reed Talent Solutions set up a steering group with representatives of each division across the trust and provided a project manager to create and manage an implementation plan that would not only deliver on time, but in a phased approach.

To meet short turnaround times, we delivered training across the hospital sites every day, in tandem with our digital IT supplier, for a period of two months. Reed Talent Solutions also continues to help produce weekly and monthly reports for the trust’s board.

The results

Between January 2020 and April 2020, our dedicated team onboarded over 1,200 doctors, with shifts added to the new system.

In that time, over 650 doctors have worked on the doctors bank. So far, 3,533 shifts and over 31,000 hours of work have been processed. We delivered full site implementation on time across the healthcare trust.

The trust, for the first time, now has full visibility of cost and spend on its doctor staffing. As a result, it is now able to identify, understand, and tackle high spend - including escalated rate behaviours and high sessional usage.