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Community care


  • A structured care plan was created that aims to give the service user an improved quality of life

  • Reed sourced a team of professional carers with the relevant skills and experience to allow the individual to become more independent

  • Reed has successfully worked with the client for over 10 years

The challenge

Reed worked with a local authority to provide one of their service users the appropriate care they needed. The individual previously lived in several different types of accommodation, all of which were challenged by the combination of his personality disorder, his learning disability and mental health concerns.

The overarching goal was to provide a supportive team, to allow him to live independently and in his own home. The team of carers would also need to be able to:

  • Provide personalised day provisions and overnight support, including sleeping-in

  • Assist in daily living, guidance with housing and housekeeping, managing finances, booking holidays, and arranging any appointments

  • Prompt them to take their medication

  • Support the individual with their relationships, ensuring they are appropriate and safe

  • Be trained and skilled to deal with challenging behaviour and multiple needs

  • Work in partnership with multiple agencies and manage the individual health and mental health

Additionally, as well as providing the service user with the appropriate care that will support his multiple needs, one of the key challenges was developing a care plan specific to the individual. This plan would not only have to aid his aspirations and life choices but ensure all his key stakeholders, such as the GP, mental health professionals and social workers were involved.

The solution

Initially, the team at Reed began collaboratively working together to use the information the social care professionals provided to create a personalised care plan. This objective of the plan was to support all the elements of the individuals’ care while identifying the outcomes he would like, both professionally and personally that would give him an improved quality of life.

Once the care plan was agreed upon, Reed’s community care specialists began searching for a team of care professionals who could execute it and commit to regular shifts, to ensure trusted, consistent relationships could be made.

As soon as a team was identified, who demonstrated previous experience and understanding within mental health and learning disabilities. Our specialists inducted the professionals and completed a robust training programme, so they were fully aware of the service users’ needs before they began the job.

As well as this, the rota was managed four weeks in advance to support any planned and unplanned absences for both day shifts and sleep-in support.

Once the staffing process was complete the community care specialists remained in contact with the MDT to ensure any essential communication that affected the individual’s provision of care was cascaded appropriately, including any responsive change in needs and issues.

The results

Reed has provided care and support for this individual during a national lockdown and the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The outcome of this support, particularly during a challenging time meant the service user can now:

  • Access community events and local leisure activities

  • Maintain positive relationships and make new friends

  • Manage his tenancy and pay his bills

  • Look after himself and his home, with some support

  • Make holiday plans at least three times a year and fulfil any tasks or hobbies he enjoys

  • Keep up with and attend any medical appointments

  • Feel supported by being able to discuss his likes, dislikes, and choices with his carers

By finding the client a reliable team of professional carers that can understand his needs and have the appropriate skills to support him. Reed has given the client the ability to live independently in his own home and given him an outlet to go after his aspirations and life choices.

The client has said: “I have worked with Reed for over 10 years and have found that they offer a professional service. Reed has experienced, knowledgeable and well-trained staff, who have been a pleasure to work with”.

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