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4th Jan, 2023

Christy Houghton
Christy Houghton
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Digital Content Writer

2023 will be another year of exciting innovation in the marketing sector, as well as fierce competition for the best professionals. Our guide shows how salaries have increased for the top marketing roles based on region.

Here are five roles that have seen their salaries increase yearly:

1. Digital marketing manager

Digital marketing has become one of the most crucial areas for business investment over the past few years, with technology continuously and rapidly changing. Most employers are already heavily focused on improving their digital marketing initiatives, putting greater responsibilities on digital marketing managers.

Throughout the country, salary averages for these roles have grown – most significantly, in these three regions:

  • West Midlands (22%)

  • East Midlands (12.1%)

  • London (nine point three per cent)

The national average salary increase for this role almost matches the rate of inflation at nine point two per cent, which means these managers should be earning, on average, £48,500 a year – projected to reach £50,900 in 2024.

2. UX/UI designers

With users now at the heart of technology, keeping up to date with the latest methods of optimising users’ experiences of apps and websites is crucial to sales and marketing, and professionals who can fill this role are increasingly sought after. This is a crucial role that many employers are considering hiring for, if they haven’t already, and they face strong competition for professionals in this niche.

In the past year, salary averages for this role nationally have grown by 10.2%. In Wales, for example, we have seen these roles rise continuously over the past few years, and UX/UI designers can expect to earn, on average, £53,700. And, in the Midlands, salaries have risen by more than 15% in the last year – well above the current rate of inflation. East Anglia, North East and Scotland are the only UK regions where salaries have stabilised after last year’s dramatic rise following Covid.

3. Copywriter

Creating content has become increasingly popular to marketing and employer branding. Copywriters are a significant part of this, with certain companies dominating the digital space and making it harder to compete with those who have a strong online presence and brand recognition.

Nationally, average salaries for copywriters have risen by six point eight per cent over the last year. This average growth is even higher in regions including the East Midlands (13.4%), North West (seven point eight per cent) and Yorkshire and Humberside (eight point one per cent). With remote working becoming more prominent, especially in computer-based, creative roles, this could reflect businesses’ shift away from the traditional London hub in favour of lower overhead costs while inflation continues to rise.

In the North West, copywriter salaries have gradually risen year-on-year between 2021 and 2023 and employers should ensure they are offering between £27,300 and £33,200. Those unable to offer the average (£30,400) must ensure their benefits package includes some desirable offerings. Increasingly, people want the option to choose their own benefits. A bespoke benefits package gives employers the chance to spend less on perks that would otherwise go unused by employees and attract people with what they really want.

4. Graphic designer

Brands are going above and beyond to stand out recently, with adverts and billboards becoming increasingly digital and adapting to different screens and platforms. Across the sector, we have seen far more innovation from companies hoping to bring their company’s personality to life.

The regions with the highest salary averages for graphic designers at present are the South East with a 12.1% average salary growth and the South West with an 11% growth this year. The average salary for this role in the South East is £34,200 and £31,400 in the South West.

In the North East, Wales, Northern Ireland and Yorkshire and Humberside, salaries have consistently increased over the last few years – which means demand for this role only looks to be increasing year on year.

A substantial part of recruiting graphic designers, and other creatives, is that the company, team and environment are conducive to creativity. Developing an employee value proposition that truly reflects a company’s values is the best way to attract the right people to an organisation and ensure they stay for a long time. Creating an inclusion and diverse workforce culture where everyone feels they belong, for example, is conducive to creativity and longevity in employees.

5. SEO/PPC Executive

The increasing volume of content being created has sparked the need for more professionals who ensure their content is seen by the relevant audiences, can measure its click-through rates, and potentially help to monetise it. With Google being the main driver of traffic to any company’s website or app, it’s important to ensure your listing doesn’t fall to the second page of the search engine.

The role is especially desirable in regions like the North East, in which average salaries have risen continuously over the last three years, from £29,800 in 2021, £32,400 in 2022 to £37,100 in 2023. In Yorkshire and Humberside, the past year has seen salaries for SEO/PPC executives rise by 23.3%.

This year, the national average salary for SEO/PPC professionals is £45,700, rising by 21.9% from last year. Next year, the national average is projected to rise to £48,200.

The key to choosing the best people for a role isn’t just what’s in their CV or cover letter, but their cultural values, enthusiasm and other soft skills, such as communication and teamwork. Employers are receiving fewer applications and will no longer be able to take their pick. With employees and jobseekers struggling with the rising cost of living, remuneration is more important than ever to securing the right professionals.

It will be imperative for employers to optimise and streamline their recruitment practices and ensure the process is a pleasant experience for prospective employees throughout. The onus is currently on employers to ‘sell’ their roles to a professional. Having an honest and appealing employee value proposition, a good company culture, and a desirable benefits package will stand your organisation in good stead with jobseekers.

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