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Reed’s 2024 marketing and sales salary guide assesses average salary and benefits across the marketing and sales sectors.

The guide uses data from 17 million jobs posted on since 2016, to highlight key salary trends and insights, enabling you to benchmark average salaries for your marketing and sales teams across the UK, or find out what you should, or could, be earning in the marketing and sales sectors.

Our marketing and sales salary guide is the ultimate UK marketing and sales salary checker. By using our guide to inform the average salary UK marketing and sales employees should receive, and understand what jobs are worth across all regions of the UK, you can ensure your pay is competitive and stands out when looking for new employees.

Businesses are increasingly seeking versatility and adaptability in their sales teams. Beyond traditional selling skills, professionals are expected to, and need to, understand and navigate digital channels, leverage data analytics, and embrace technology-driven strategies. The ability to cultivate meaningful customer relationships in both digital and in-person environments is now a hallmark of a successful salesperson.

Dave Oldfield

Sales Recruitment Expert, Reed

Who is this salary guide designed for?

Whether you’re looking to find out what the project manager average salary is so you can pay a new recruit the correct amount, or keen to discover the top graphic designer salary you could be earning in a new role, or should be earning with your current employer, our 2024 marketing and sales salary guide can help. You’ll gain invaluable insight that will allow you to compare your marketing salary or sales salary across all regions of the UK – from London salaries to wages in Scotland and Wales.

In 2024, the marketing and creative job market is characterised by a quest for adaptable professionals who can adjust to rapidly changing industry landscapes. Employers seek individuals with a diverse skill set that goes beyond traditional roles, encompassing digital marketing, data analytics, and creative problem-solving. This shift is driven by the increasing integration of technology and data-driven strategies within the sector.

Bianca Halliburton

Marketing Recruitment Expert, Reed

Are you an employer looking for marketing and sales salary benchmarking advice?

Use our marketing and sales salary guide to compare salaries and benefits, allowing you to ensure your remuneration packages are up to date and on par with competitors. With our research highlighting that over half of professionals (55%) are currently looking, or considering looking, for a new job because of their salary not being enough or the benefits they currently receive not being sufficient, it’s vital that as an employer you are looking to offer the going rate.

Whether you are looking to benchmark a copywriter salary or business development manager salary – our guide will give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Are you trying to find out what you should be earning in marketing and sales?

Want to know the average project manager salary, graphic designer salary, or marketing manager salary in your region to see what you should, or could, be earning?  Use our 2024 marketing and sales salary guide to know your worth. It could help you decide whether to accept a new job you have been offered, or plan for your next step on the career ladder – would you earn enough if you were to change sector?

What jobs does Reed’s marketing and sales salary guide cover?

Our marketing and sales salary and benefits guide will provide you with direction on salaries and benefits for some of the most prominent roles in the marketing and sales sector, including:

  • Account executive

  • Business development manager

  • Copywriter

  • Commercial director

  • Digital marketing manager

  • Sales manager

  • SEO/PPC executive

Why download the UK’s trusted marketing and sales UK salary guide? 

This comprehensive marketing and sales guide draws upon a vast dataset of over 17 million jobs posted on since 2016, solidifying its status as the most trusted salary guide in existence. The analysis of such an extensive volume of data offers an unparalleled view of the marketing and sales sectors, ensuring accuracy and reliability. 

Reed’s marketing and sales recruitment experts provide key insight into the sector, with Reed’s regional directors discussing the local job landscape. This distinctive perspective, not available elsewhere, enhances the guide's richness and relevance. 

Delving into the intricacies of roles across 12 UK regions, the Reed marketing and sales salary guide highlights noteworthy developments using graphics to depict key salary changes over the past year. With a robust dataset spanning four years, including salary projections for the upcoming year and average salary data dating back to 2016, the guide empowers you to discern trends and strategically plan for the future.

How can the Reed salary guides help with my benefits/rewards benchmarking?

As part of our suite of annual salary guides, we surveyed 5,000 UK workers, in November 2023, to help further inform you. You can read the full highlights in the ‘Our survey says’ section of the guide.

Key findings from our research include:

  • One-in-four professionals are feeling unhappy with their current salary​

  • Only half of respondents feel confident they will achieve their comfortable salary at some point

  • Three-in-10 say they don’t receive any workplace benefits at all

  • The three most common benefits received are: flexi time (20%), a company pension higher than the required amount (18%), and an annual salary increment (18%)

  • Workers’ top-three desired benefits are: an annual salary increment (45%), a four-day working week (36%), and flexi time (36%).

To help you make an informed choice on all things UK salary and benefits, download our UK marketing and sales salary guide using the button above.

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