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Reed advises managers to place a greater focus on their plans for departing employees.

Research from Studio Graphene indicates that 30% of employees plan on changing jobs this year, meaning employers must know the steps they need to take to ensure a smooth transition. Bukola Odofine, Reed's HR expert said:

If handled incorrectly, someone leaving can result in a missed opportunity - all that information just walks out the door, unless you give your employee the chance to give you constructive feedback.

To help managers prepare for when an employee resigns, Reed has created a complete offboarding kit to steer them through the process. The pack features a comprehensive step-by-step guide, templates for exit interviews and announcement emails, and a succession planning talent matrix.

The managers’ guide to offboarding features an extensive checklist for managers, covering key offboarding milestones like counteroffers, exit interviews and succession planning.

Odofin concluded: “Staff leaving is an inevitable truth, how you handle it can really set the tone for the rest of the business. Working in partnership with a recruitment agency means you have more time to focus on the offboarding process, while the sourcing of high calibre candidates and administration is taken care of.”

Make the most of your offboarding employees and futureproof your business by downloading the kit now.