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An employee resignation can be a stressful time - but getting it right is essential to maintaining team performance.

This kit takes you through the leaving process step by step, ensuring you cover all of the vital actions, gather valuable information from the departing team member and keep morale high while minimising disruption.

If handled incorrectly, someone leaving can result in a missed opportunity - all that information just walks out the door.

This kit will help you to
  • Minimise disruption and keep morale high with a stress-free offboarding process

  • Future-proof your team from resignations with actionable feedback from the leaving employee

  • Recruit, reallocate or restructure? Find the best way to deal with your vacancy

The kit contains
  • An expert guide featuring a step-by-step offboarding plan, failsafe handover process, information on effective exit interviews and how to fill the team skills gap assessment.

  • Time-saving tools and resources including an offboarding checklist, nine-box succession planning grid, announcement email templates and an exit interview template.