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If you are not used to it, working from home can mean you need to get yourself organised – in more ways than one.

It is important, even if you are not the most organised person, to have a plan of action and schedule your day.

That is why we have created a free, downloadable, interactive to-do list to help you on your way. Simply download the pdf, save it on your computer, list your tasks day by day and tick them off as you complete them.

Give yourself a purpose to keep you on track. Without a schedule you may find yourself lost or doing ‘bits’ and pieces. Plan out your day using your diary, as you would in the office – meetings, projects you need to work on. 

Jem Collins, founder, Journo Resources, says: “One of the biggest switches from office to home working is the amount of time you spend by yourself, and that can be a big gear change if you’re a people person. It might sound silly, but make sure to schedule interaction into your day, even if it’s just a five minute catch up with a co-worker on the phone to talk about how your day was or is going.” 

To find out more about the best ways you can work remotely, download our guide to remote working now.