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Working remotely can be a one-off or needs-must for some, but a regularity for others.

It takes trust from the side of management, discipline from the employee, communication between all parties, and the right technology – these four elements are key to the perfect home-work mix.

Working from home can be the answer to several scenarios – from needing to be home to give access to tradespeople, to needing to get your head down and concentrate.

Where to start

If you do not work from home on a regular basis, it can be difficult to know the protocol. Where should you start? What should you be doing? When should you be doing it? Our guide to remote working takes you through the process step by step - from choosing the right workspace, pretending you’re going into the office, to scheduling your day.

You may be worried about allowing your team to work remotely, there certainly isn’t any need for this. It takes trust and planning. If you are organised and set objectives for your team, they will more than likely thrive working at home.

Bukola Odofin

HR Expert, Reed

Technology is key

The biggest drawback to working remotely is isolation from your team. For organisations to work effectively, employees need to collaborate. However, in the 21st century, not being in the same physical location as a key team member is not an excuse for a lack of clear communication.

Download the guide to find out how tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack and Rescue Time can help you.

Managing your team working remotely

There are three remote working tips to remember as a manager when managing your team while working remotely. Firstly, trust – you must have faith that your team are working.

Secondly, tolerance - it may not be your choice to allow your team to work from home, but work with the situation and do what you can.

And finally, support - you need to support other members of your team who have never worked from home before – they may need you now more than ever.