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11th Mar, 2024

Olivia Maguire
Olivia Maguire
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Content Marketing Lead

An employee value proposition (EVP) encompasses the unique benefits and offerings that an employer provides its employees in exchange for their skills, experience, and commitment. It goes beyond the salary and benefits on offer, to encompass elements such as company culture, professional development opportunities, work-life balance, and the overall employee experience. A strong EVP will help attract the top professionals while fostering employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

Having an EVP that stands out is essential for schools. Ultimately, schools with a positive reputation attract better, and more, teaching staff, whereas negative reviews and stories of poor leadership, excessive workloads, or toxic environments can deter people applying to certain schools.

Key components of a standout school EVP

A compelling mission and values

Schools with a clear and inspiring mission and values are more likely to attract passionate and dedicated classroom- and non-classroom-based staff. Prospective employees are drawn to schools that align with their personal and professional values and that offer them opportunities to make a meaningful impact.

A supportive culture

A positive and supportive school culture is a magnet for top education talent. Schools that prioritise collaboration, respect, and diversity create an environment where teachers feel valued, empowered, and motivated to excel. Schools where the senior leadership team cultivate a culture of trust, transparency, and open communication, have a greater sense of belonging and loyalty among staff members.

Professional growth and development opportunities

The best professionals seek opportunities for continuous learning and professional advancement. Schools can attract and retain high-calibre teachers by offering robust professional development programmes, mentoring opportunities, and career advancement pathways. Investing in employee growth not only enhances individual performance but also strengthens the school's reputation as a centre of excellence.

Work-life balance and wellbeing

While it can be a challenge for many schools to compete with other sectors’ ability to offer a great work-life balance and flexible working, it is not impossible. Flexible working in education can be achieved through timetable rescheduling, job sharing, allowing planning, preparation and assessments to be conducted offsite, and offering family-friendly policies. All these are great ways to improve teachers’ work-life balance, which is crucial for employee satisfaction and wellbeing.

Meaningful student impact

Because educators are driven by a desire to make a difference in students' lives, schools can attract passionate teachers and support staff by highlighting opportunities for meaningful student impact, such as innovative teaching approaches, extracurricular activities, and community engagement initiatives. Emphasising your school's impact on student success and personal growth resonates with mission-driven staff who are seeking to make a difference.

Five steps to creating a standout EVP for your school

Step one: Conduct and analyse research

Start by conducting research to understand the needs, preferences, and aspirations of your current and prospective employees. Analyse feedback from surveys, focus groups, online reviews, Ofsted reports, and exit interviews to identify areas for improvement and opportunities to enhance your EVP.

Step two: Define your unique value proposition

Identify the unique strengths and offerings that set your school apart from others. Articulate your EVP in a clear, compelling manner that resonates with your target audience. Consider and emphasise what makes your school an exceptional place to work and grow professionally. Tip: speak to your staff and students to find out what they love about your school!

Step three: Communicate your EVP effectively

Promote your EVP through various communication channels, including your school's website, social media platforms, job postings, and recruitment materials. Highlight success stories and employee testimonials to showcase the impact of your EVP on employee satisfaction and engagement.

Step four: Involve your employees to drive engagement

Involve employees in the development and promotion of your EVP to foster ownership and engagement. Encourage staff members to share their experiences and insights with prospective candidates through networking events. Tip: referral programmes are also a fantastic way to encourage employees to promote your school with their contacts.

Step five: Continuously evaluate and adapt your EVP

Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your EVP and adjust as necessary based on feedback and changing market trends. Stay attuned to evolving employee needs and industry best practices to ensure that your EVP remains relevant and competitive.

In conclusion

Creating a standout EVP is essential for schools seeking to attract and retain the best teaching talent. By focusing on these key elements, schools can differentiate themselves as an employer of choice. By implementing practical strategies for developing, promoting, and continuously improving their EVP, schools can build a strong foundation for recruiting and retaining top talent and achieving excellence in education.

If you are looking for a talented education professional to join your school, or seeking a new role yourself, get in touch with one of our specialist education consultants today.