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Reed’s 2024 scientific salary guide gives you all the tools you need to effectively benchmark salaries this year.

Whether you are looking to see what salary you should be earning yourself, or working out what salaries you should be offering your employees, you can rest assured this guide has you covered.

The salaries in this guide are divided up into eight UK regions and further broken down into jobs within the following subsectors:

  • Biotechnology

  • Chemical

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Medical devices

  • Clinical

Did you know that over half (55%) of UK professionals are currently looking, or considering looking, for a new job because their salary or benefits are not sufficient? That is why it is essential that you are offering a salary that is on par with your competitors and likely to attract top talent. From our research, we also found that one-in-four professionals are unhappy with their current pay and just half of respondents feel confident they will achieve their ‘comfortable’ salary at some point in their careers.

So, if you are looking to start a career in the science sector, make a career change, or revise your salary and benefits offerings for employees, download our free 2024 scientific salary guide.

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Matt Pope

Divisional Manager – Scientific, Reed

Who is this salary guide designed for?

This guide is designed for jobseekers, professionals, and employers in the scientific sector. If you are looking to join the industry and what to find out how much a scientist makes or how much you can expect to earn at the peak of your career, this guide can help. If you are looking for a scientist salary, microbiologist salary, or laboratory technician salary, this guide will provide you with minimum, maximum, and average salary.

Additionally, this guide will provide professionals in the sector with all the tools they need to effectively negotiate their salary and make sure they are earning a wage that is in line with the industry standard. Employers can use this guide to ensure they are offering salaries and benefits that are reflective of the region and market rate.

Are you an employer looking for scientific salary benchmarking advice?

In 2024, it’s essential that employers pay competitive salaries. With the cost-of-living crisis still impacting many across the country, professionals are actively looking for ways to increase their income and therefore, may consider seeking new employment opportunities if they feel they are not paid a sufficient wage.

The data in this guide is based on salaries expected today, so you can use the information to steer your decisions and make informed choices on the salaries you offer.

Are you trying to find out what you should be earning in the scientific sector?

Determining the average salary you ought to be earning can be challenging, particularly when so many job adverts do not specify a salary. This guide presents the minimum, maximum, and average salary you could potentially earn in various roles within the sector, across eight UK regions. Utilise this guide as your instrument for engaging in salary discussions or to verify that your new role is offering the standard market rate.

What jobs does Reed’s scientific salary guide cover?

Our scientific salary and benefits guide will provide you with direction on salaries and benefits for some of the most prominent roles in the sector, including:

  • Chemical engineer

  • Principal scientist

  • Bioinformatician

  • Microbiologist

  • Head of quality control

  • Product development scientist

  • Clinical research associate

Why download the UK’s trusted scientific UK salary guide?

Our 2024 scientific salary guide stands as an invaluable resource for jobseekers, professionals, and employers, offering unparalleled insights to keep you well-informed and ahead of the curve this year. It also provides you with expert insights discussing market trends, insights into the benefits that employees actually want, and an extensive range of scientific salaries.

How can the Reed salary guides help with my benefits/rewards benchmarking?

As part of our suite of annual salary guides, we surveyed 5,000 UK workers, in November 2023, to help further inform you. You can read the full highlights in the ‘Our survey says’ section of the guide.

Key findings from our research include:

  • One-in-four professionals are feeling unhappy with their current salary

  • Only half of respondents feel confident they will achieve their comfortable salary at some point

  • Three-in-10 say they don’t receive any workplace benefits at all.

  • The three most common benefits received are: flexi time (20%), a company pension higher than the required amount (18%), and an annual salary increment (18%)

  • Workers’ top-three desired benefits are: an annual salary increment (45%), a four-day working week (36%), and flexi time (36%)

To help you make an informed choice on all things UK salary and benefits, download our UK scientific salary guide using the button above.

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