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Looking for our latest salary guides? Our 2024 guides are now available to download for free below:

Reed salary guide 2024

Salaries and benefits have fluctuated wildly over the past 12 months, with the employment market completely turning on its head – going from lots of available candidates and few jobs, through to a surplus of jobs and not enough people to fill them.

Given this environment, it’s become even more essential for employers and employees to know the value of every job. We’re here to help.

Using data from 6.6 million jobs posted on, our 2022 guides are the ultimate job salary checker. By using our guides, you’ll understand what jobs were worth across all regions of the UK throughout the year of 2022.

Who are these salary guides designed for?

Our salary guides are read by both employers and employees.

Organisations can use the data contained in the guides to benchmark salaries to inform their employee retention and candidate attraction policies, which have become even more critical given the difficulties businesses are facing in finding the right people.

With the present job market in tilted in favour of jobseekers, they can use the guides to discover their worth and maximise their value in salary negotiations with current or prospective employers.

What sectors do the Reed salary guides cover?

The guides cover 14 of Reed’s specialist recruitment sectors, providing information on roles at all seniorities. Whether you’re looking to hire or become an assistant accountant, HR manager or chief technology officer, our specialist guides have the information you need to inform your decision making.

Reed’s 2022 UK salary guides cover the following sectors:

  • Accountancy & finance

  • Accountancy & finance practice

  • Business support & administration

  • Engineering & manufacturing

  • Further education

  • Hospitality & leisure

  • Human resources

  • Insurance & financial services

  • Marketing & sales

  • Procurement & supply chain

  • Property & construction

  • Qualified social workers

  • Scientific

  • Technology

Why should I download Reed’s salary guides?

Our comprehensive guides are based on 6.6 million jobs posted on over the past three years – making them the most reliable on the market and providing a full picture for each listed role.

We know you’re interested in what the numbers mean, so we’ve interrogated the data to provide you with all the information you need at your fingertips.

Our specialists have highlighted the most interesting developments from 2022’s data – picking out key salary changes for different roles across the UK and highlighting positions where salaries have consistently increased over the past few years.

Be sure to look at our most up-to-date 2024 UK salary guides from Reed’s regional experts and professionals from businesses across the UK.

Additionally, with the growing importance of offering and receiving the right benefits packages, the guides feature an in-depth look at the company benefits which are most attractive to employees across all industries.

You can download all of this for free – simply hit the button to access our multitude of salary and benefits data.