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Reed’s salary guides are designed to help you take the next step – whether that be in your own career or finding a professional to help your business develop and grow.

We have a salary guide for each of the following areas:

  • Accountancy and finance

  • Accountancy and finance practice

  • Business support and administration

  • Engineering and manufacturing

  • Further education

  • Hospitality and facilities services

  • Human resources

  • Marketing, creative and PR

  • Procurement and supply chain

  • Property and construction

  • Sales

  • Scientific

  • Technology

More people are looking to move jobs in 2021. My expectation is that this will be a very busy year in the labour market. However, the competition will be fierce, both for hirers and applicants. For this reason, it is important to pitch your salaries correctly and I very much hope this guide will be helpful to you.

James Reed

CEO and Chairman, Reed

What makes our salary guides the most reliable?

Unsurpassed data

Our guides are based on data from 6.5 million jobs posted last year on, providing a comprehensive picture for each role.

Trackable trends

They include 3 years’ worth of data, plus a 2022 projection to help you plan for this year and beyond.

UK National and local insight

Our specialism experts have provided key insight into each industry, discussing the local job landscape.