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An effective onboarding process is essential for integrating all employees – but is especially important for new remote staff who don’t benefit from the usual face-to-face experience.

A great onboarding process will:

  • Increase worker satisfaction

  • Reduce attrition

  • Enable faster productivity

Our guide will make sure you can successfully onboard employees remotely, making the best of your time, and settling your new employee into your team fast.

A lack of face-to-face contact means it will take more time and effort to ensure your new employee can adjust and acclimatise to their new working environment and role.

Making remote employees feel welcome

Preparing to foster an inclusive environment for your new team member from the very first minute is crucial. Without preparing well and thinking out of the box you could be at risk of isolating your new employee without even realising you are doing so. Find out how in the eBook.

Planning the days and weeks ahead

As a manager, being organised from the off will stand you in good stead. It’s important you plan at least the first week of the process. Our eBook gives you the ideas you need to plan the first day, first and second week, as well as ongoing tips for team integration.

Virtual team building is key        

Whether it is just your new recruit that works remotely, or your whole team, it’s important to incorporate regular team building to keep morale high and ensure productivity flourishes. Our guide gives you eight ideas to keep your team connected.