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Reed’s 2024 food & FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) salary guide gives you an extensive view of salaries, on a wide variety of roles, from entry-level to senior positions, within the food & FMCG industry.

Based on salaries you can expect today, use this guide to benchmark the salaries you offer your employees as well as compare your own salary to the market rate.

Our specialist in the food & FMCG sector provides an overview of the market, with Reed’s practice experts delving into the subindustry job landscapes, so you can keep up to date with the latest industry trends and developments and better prepare for the year ahead.

The future looks exciting for the sector, presenting many opportunities for organisations to find innovative solutions and for professionals to expand their skill sets and enrich their CVs. The integration of new technologies into product development, such as plant-based alternatives, biodegradable packaging, and AI in production, opens numerous avenues for businesses. However, this also intensifies the pressure on companies to conform to increasingly stringent regulations.

Adam Buckland

Divisional Managing Director – Food & FMCG, Reed

Who is this salary guide designed for?

Whether you are a professional in the food & FMCG sector, looking to enter the market, or a business looking to benchmark the salaries you offer employees, this guide is for you. If you are looking to embark on a career in food & FMCG, this guide will help you establish what wage you can expect when starting out and throughout your career.

If you are already working in the industry and looking to negotiate your salary, move jobs, or just find out what others are earning, this guide will give you all the tools you need to ensure you are getting paid what you deserve. And for employers - use this guide to ensure you offer competitive salaries and benefits packages that will help attract and retain the best professionals this year.

Are you an employer looking for food & FMCG salary benchmarking advice?

Our research conducted with 5,000 UK working professionals highlighted that over half (55%) are currently looking, or considering looking, for a new job because of their salary not being enough or the benefits they currently receive not being sufficient. That is why it is essential that you are offering a salary that is on par with your competitors and likely to attract top talent.

This guide gives you an overview of salaries across eight regions so you can be sure that you are offering the going rate in your area. Whether you want to check what you should be paying for a manufacturing manager in the Midlands or a hygiene manager in London, this guide gives you all the information to make an informed decision.

To address this recruitment challenge, employers need to offer competitive compensation packages, promote opportunities for career growth, implement robust training programmes, cultivate a positive work culture, and adapt to the evolving needs and expectations of the workforce.

Adam Buckland

Divisional Managing Director – Food & FMCG, Reed

Are you trying to find out what you should be earning in the food & FMCG sector?

It can often be difficult to work out the average salary you should be earning, especially when many job adverts don’t have a salary listed. This guide gives you the minimum, maximum, and average salary you can expect to earn across a range of roles in the sector, split across eight regions. Use this guide as your tool for entering salary negotiations or to make sure your new position is offering the market rate.

What jobs does Reed’s food & FMCG salary guide cover?

Our food & FMCG salary and benefits guide will provide you with direction on salaries and benefits for some of the most prominent roles in the sector, including:

  • Food/Beverage technologist

  • Health & safety manager

  • Production manager

  • Quality auditor

  • Technical director

Why download the UK’s trusted food & FMCG UK salary guide?

Our 2024 food & FMCG salary guide stands as an invaluable resource for jobseekers, professionals, and employers, offering unparalleled insights to keep you well-informed and ahead of the curve this year. With expert insights discussing market trends, insights into the benefits that employees actually want, and an extensive range of food salaries and FMCG salaries, you can rest assured that this guide is your one stop shop for all things food & FMCG.

How can the Reed salary guides help with my benefits/rewards benchmarking?

As part of our suite of annual salary guides, we surveyed 5,000 UK workers, in November 2023, to help further inform you. You can read the full highlights in the ‘Our survey says’ section of the guide.

Key findings from our research include:

  • One-in-four professionals are feeling unhappy with their current salary

  • Only half of respondents feel confident they will achieve their comfortable salary at some point

  • Three-in-10 say they don’t receive any workplace benefits at all

  • The three most common benefits received are: flexi time (20%), a company pension higher than the required amount (18%), and an annual salary increment (18%)

  • Workers’ top-three desired benefits are: an annual salary increment (45%), a four-day working week (36%), and flexi time (36%)

To help you make an informed choice on all things UK salary and benefits, download our UK food & FMCG salary guide using the button above.

Reed salary guide 2024