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The competency-based interview does what it says on the tin: it is designed to test your competence. This type of interview is also known as a structured, behavioural, or situational interview.

They are commonly used when previous experience in an industry is not seen as essential. Some of the competencies employers are looking for in this type of interview include teamwork, responsibility, communication skills, decision making, leadership, problem solving, organisational skills, and goal orientation.

The interviewer is looking for practical examples of key competencies that can either be demonstrated from previous roles or throughout your life.

The STAR technique will help guide you into planning effective answers to a range of competency-based questions. STAR is an acronym standing for situation, task, action, result.

How can this guide help you?

From a basic explanation of the STAR technique to using the method to answer common competency-based interview questions, our guide will prepare you for what may lie ahead. With clear, concise examples of scenarios interviewers will highlight, you will have the competency-based interview in the bag.