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22 July, 2020
12:30pm - 1.15pm



Graham Wilson
Graham Wilson
Job Title
Founder and CEO

Watch the webinar

This a recording of the webinar featuring Graham Wilson, Leadership Wizard and Founder of Successfactory.

The rules of leadership have changed in today’s uncertain, disruptive, and ambiguous world.

We need to adapt to the changes and learn to thrive within the chaos.

Leaders need to step up and stand out as real game changers to deliver in critical situations.

During this webinar Graham discussed how to create a high-performance team and maintain momentum during adverse moments, sharing a range of useful, practical leadership tips.

Our speaker

Graham Wilson, Founder of Successfactory

International Leadership Expert, author of Leadership Laid Bare! and founder of the award-winning Successfactory™ Graham Wilson is a leading performance facilitator and inspirational developer of leaders. His key purpose is to awaken possibility in leaders to deliver extraordinary results.

He works globally and is skilled in teaching New World Leadership, Senior Team Development, Strategy, Business Modelling, Organisational Development, Salesforce Transformation, Developing High-Performance Teams, Innovation and revitalising organisations suffering from Change Fatigue!