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24 February, 2022
6pm - 7pm GMT



Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson
Job Title
Information Security Manager
Zen Internet

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For many years, ‘human error’ has been consistently named as the biggest contributing factor to cyber security breaches in the industry, with new research even stating that 90-95% of all cyber security breaches are due to people making mistakes.

This informal meetup, hosted by Reed’s technology division, was a chance to allow cyber security professionals to discuss this controversial topic. Our speaker, Mike Thompson, Information Security Manager at Zen Internet, used this opportunity to debunk the myth - arguing that people are in fact the strongest element of the cyber security chain.

At the end of the session, attendees had the opportunity to participate in an interactive Q&A with Mike, where they had the chance to ask him questions about his cyber security experience and invaluable knowledge.

Our speaker

Mike Thompson, Information Security Manager, Zen Internet

Mike has been a member of the IT industry for over 30 years. For a third of this time, he has focused on a career in information security and now holds the position of Information Security Manager at Zen Internet, a UK internet service provider.

He is also a busy and well-respected member of the wider information security community, where he is often found aiding people in their careers, as well as spreading the word via a parody rock band known as The Beer Farmers, which aims to educate service providers on how to do security properly.

Mike’s mission is to help both individuals and organisations to think and operate differently, in the context of securing their online life, as well as helping inject some fun into what is often seen as a dry subject.